TUMKUR AGRI EXPO has more than 200+ Exhibitors & 50000+ attendees over 3 days, KARNATAKA’S PRIME AGRICULTURAL EXPO. The Event has over and going to prove to be a Platform for Knowledge, Innovation & Business for everyone involved in the Agriculture Sector.

Quality Farmers Potential Enquires “ Knowledge and Innovation in Agriculture is necessary to Agriculture as Sowing ”. Farmers ensure directing the right scope and opportunities to them. The Visitors get exposure to new products, Technology and Services along with the knowledge, Networking and Business opportunity through a single window event.

Opportunity to Meet The Best Farm Owners, Wholesalers, Dealers, Distributors, Retailers, Technocrats, Policy Makers from Government Bodies. Platform Available for Launch your Products. Exclusive Media Coverage a Day Prior to the Fair, Targeted Business Networking for those looking out for New Business Opportunities, Model Farm, Live Demonstration of Machineries in Open Field, Common Platform for Agriculture Produce, Agro Process and Agriculture Marketing, Economical Participation Charges.

Initiatives by Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India. In recent years much emphasis has been given by the Ministry of Agriculture on Commercializing Indian Agriculture. Strategies have been planned and schemes have been launched to achieve 4 Percent annual growth rate. These include focus on potential areas, regionally differentiated Strategies, Crop Diversification, Precision Farming and Scientific Management of Natural Resources.
The New Initiatives in the form of National Food Security Mission and Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana launched by the Ministry of Agriculture are aimed at rejuvenating this sector. Adequate production and distribution of food has become a high priority and global concern. In the fast changing world and increasing competition in a globalized economy, there is need to exploit the available resources to the maximum level and use the best internationally available technologies.
This will help in coping with domestic demand for food and also contribute to international exports. Will be an eye opener for the Growers, Wholesalers, Exporters, Importers and all other Stakeholders of very segment of Agriculture and Farm Machinery, Equipments and Allied Sectors who want to expand and diversify their business and activities.

Exhibitor's Product Profile

  • Agriculture Land Leveler
  • Agriculture Spare Parts
  • Agro Chemicals, Pesticides & Insecticides
  • Agro Products & Commodities
  • Animal Operated Implements
  • Animal Feeds & Fodders
  • Analytical Instruments & Equipments
  • Balers and Straw Handling
  • Crop Drying
  • Cleaning, Grading & Weighing
  • Chemical Spraying
  • Tractors and Traction Equipment
  • Spare Parts and Accessories
  • Embedded Electronics
  • Fertilizer
  • Tilling, Sowing & Planting
  • Irrigation System
  • Pumps & Pipes
  • Solar Energy
  • Hand Tools
  • Harvester (Fodder, Cereals, Root, Fruits and Vegetables, etc.)
  • Post-Harvester (Cleaning, Sorting, Drying, Conservation)
  • Food Packaging
  • Equipment for Tropical and Special Crops
  • Handling, Transportation
  • Storage Buildings
  • Breeding Equipments
  • Dairy and Milking Products
  • Breeders and Breeder Associations
  • Creation and maintenance of Rural and Wooded Areas
  • Professional Landscaping Equipment
  • Sustainable Development
  • Renewable Energy Trimming Tools
  • Mower & Multi-Function Electric Tools
  • Greenhouse Structure, Materials & Equipments
  • Seeds, Organic Seeds & Fertilizers
  • Efficient Fertile Solution
  • Nursery Materials & Equipments
  • Professional Organizations & NGOs
  • Services Consultancy Management & IT software.

Visitor Profile

  • Agent & Distributor
  • Agri-Business Investors & Entrepreneurs
  • Agricultural Management of Government
  • Agricultural Transport & Logistic Expert
  • Agriculture and Livestock Cooperatives
  • Horticulture Technology Professional
  • Hotels, Restaurants, Bars & Catering Suppliers
  • Importers/Exporters/Traders
  • Insecticides Manufacturers (Producers)
  • Plant Nutrition & Growers
  • Pesticides Companies (Producers)
  • Agriculture Technology Professional
  • Businessmen and Industrialists
  • End-Consumers
  • Farm Contractors Farmers & Farm Managers
  • Fertilizer Producers
  • Food Companies
  • Wholesalers & Retailers
  • Supermarkets & Chain Stores
  • Seed Cleaning Equipment Manufacturers (Producers)
  • Sprayer Manufacturers
  • Tools, Pump and Motors Manufacturers.


Fabricated Stalls

Fabricated stall size starts from 9, 18, 27, 36, 54 sqmtr. | Tables, Chairs, Spotlight | Price Starts from 2,500/sqmtr.

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TUMKUR AGRI EXPO - 2019 | Date: 22 - 25 March, 2019 | Time: 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM


Venue: Govt. Junior College Ground, CSI Road,BH Road,TUMKUR, Bangalore to Tumkur Road, KARNATAKA, INDIA.

Phone Number

+91 63618 53526